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Alternative Healing Practice of Sarah Misson

Align with Sarah

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Upcoming Events &
Community Classes

Regular events each month including live streams, online classes, free workshops, low cost Monthly Anxiety Support workshop, movie nights, reading groups, and more!


Info on Body Code Sessions & Services

Are you ready to connect one on one and decode your symptoms, heal the underlying root causes, and align & balance body systems? Say goodbye to chronic body pain and chronic struggle ~ Let's do this! Restorative Healing sessions bring together several techniques to unlock your healing. Body Code, Emotion Code, Reiki, Merdian Therapy, Intuitive Healing... click below to learn more and book your session today!


Blog Posts!
New Post Each Month

Each month we have a new Piece of Wellness to focus on and each month we have a new blog to intoduce that with a story and an invitation to hold a collective intention. Come read some inspirational words...


Journals& Worksheets

Dis-cover, notice, and shift your subconscious minds patterns that contribute to your chronic pain with Sarah's online resources. The 7 Days Guided Journal, Accomplished Journal, 100 Day's Counting with Love Challenge are just a few of the resources that will help you unfold the layer of life and other experiences that contribute to the chronic pain that has your attention. Start listen in a new way today!

“Thank you Sarah! You helped me get to this place I am at! I am ready for this next life adventure!"

~ Kristin

Therapy Sessions
Clients Reviews

"Sarah is so caring and understanding and a healing professional. Her work is a gift and she really helps me every time we have a session. Life changing!"

~ Theresa

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My name is Sarah Misson

Welcome to Align with Sarah ~ Get ready to be inspired and empowered! For more than half my life I have been on a mission to gather empowering self-healing techniques and apply them to my healing journey. This has lead into a passion to connect others to resources they need for their journey! To most effectively offer this work, I am formally trained in Usui Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Kinesiology, and Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT/ Tapping, Principles of Feng Shui; I am a certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner;  And I have extensive education with clairvoyant connection, ancient wisdom of the body, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition based support using Eat Right 4 Your Type wisdom, and more. All this empowering knowledge weaves together to create my Restorative Healing.

My whole practice is based on the reverent power the subconscious mind has over governing (keeping it at a minimum) or supporting your health, wealth, relationships, your whole reality actually. This work uses Reiki energy to connect, Kinesiology to answer questions, Body Code maps and charts to help find guidance, Traditional Chinese Medicine to deeply translate symptoms, magnets, meridian work and acupressure. These sessions will gently find and release, imbalances, trapped trauma, inner beliefs and restore your innate ability to heal yourself. Convenient to access as this work is offered as distance healing and appointments are done over the phone or as virtual online appointments. Have questions or are you ready to start healing today?

Click here to check out information on working together. above for more information or use the contact me form below to reach out.

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