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100 Days,
Counting with Love

So much can happen in a day or a moment which is why I am so excited to multiply that by at least 100!! (and beyond) These 100 days are our opportunity for growth, reflection, and transformation. Are you in?

100 Days, Counting with Love worksheet is AVAILABLE NOW!  Click the green buttons to sign up and get your free downloadable today.

100 Days, Counting with Love

Unless you are painfully waiting for the microwave popcorn to do it's thing, TIME GOES SO QUICKLY!!

This project was born right around Sept 23rd 2023, which magically marked 100 days left in the year. What did this mean at the time? And what the heck does it mean in this moment? Well, back in the day, it was a little bit of a bell ringing to remind me (and you) that the 2023 New Year's Resolutions were almost 264 days old. New ones were only 100 days away. We have this moment to begin filling our days with love, intention, and self-care, AND this nice round motivating number to work with. Whether you are exactly 100 days away from a specific milestone or just floating in the breeze and love the idea of an intentional movement forward with love for 1, or 10, or 100, or more days ~ it's magi that you are here!

I put together a 3-page downloadable that will help track the 100 days and offer a gentle reminder to us that every day we need something for our own nourishment. One sheet is a planning sheet to gather ideas for self-care tasks and brainstorm what can help support love for the mind, the body, and the Spirit. There is definitely some overlap here so repeating ideas in each area will happen!

The commitment for this 100-Day challenge is to pick a self-care idea from your planning page and invest in doing it for at least one minute. One minute for the mind, another minute for the body, and another minute for the Spirit. Those 3 beautiful parts of the Self. You don't have to stop at the one minute mark, but investing in the one minute each is all I am asking! So much freedom : )

The download comes with 3 pages and the other 2 are set up as tracking sheets. One that tracks 100 days and one that tracts 10 days. If 100 days seems like too much, the 10 days at a time worksheet might be a better fit. This is a shorter version of the full 100-day tracking sheet.

And just because I love reflection and worksheets there are a few other worksheets to pair with this challenge if that feels great to you.

There is the Daily Gratitude Journal page that would help reflect on the day's successes and help you break away from the overwhelming to-do list.

Add some extra layer of love by signing up for the 5 Minutes to Better You for some amazing ideas and extra support while pouring on the love : )


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