90 Days to Reset!

New Growth

So much can change in a day... imagine the impact of 90 days of intentional movement into the life you are ready to love!

Ready to Reset?

This bundle of sessions will include a set of the regularly scheduled session, 4 sessions in 4 weeks to be exact.

This will help set the routine of meeting, working and having regular deadlines to get homework done.

We will also set goals in the first session and work with techniques to Recognize trapped emotions, energetic baggage, limiting belief systems or anything else creating blockages and keeping you from shining your brightest, most beautiful self.

Once these are Recognized it is then possible to Release them... and once they are out of the way my friend... you will have a clean slate to lay out your dreams and the worthiness in your heart to receive it!

After these first 4 sessions, you have 6 sessions to schedule however works best for you.

10 sessions total for the 90 days together

This program also includes regular homework that will change through out our time together.

Examples of homework are things like meditation time, tapping routines, breathing techniques, worksheets or even workbooks if those things work for you. 

Regular weekly emails to motivate and inspire

24 hour response time from me to answer emails from you about questions you may have or support that you may need with homework

And a super awesome extra ~ more sessions!

Yes more sessions!

You are invited to be part of virtual events and participate on an extra level as a volunteer for receiving the work.

This can be done confidentially if that works best for you or you can volunteer as part of the event in the moment.

The virtual events vary from webinars to workshops or Q&A sessions.
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Let's do this thing!
90 days to Reset ~
Just $1497
*October Special*
Bonus 30 days and 1 extra call!
added to 90 day package 

October Speacial Offer!!

Through the month of October, the purchase of the 90 days to Reset Package (3 months of one on one work together) will include an extra month of time to connect as well as an extra call to use however works best for you. This is all the sweetness spread into an extra 30 days and a total of 11 calls... Amazing!! Let's really do this thing and get ready to tame the end of the year and rock into 2022 like a boss!! Have questions? Shoot me an email, text or old fashion phone call so we can work it all out.