Check out these upcoming events:

Let's Talk Tuesday!

This is a virtual gathering on Life Alignment Coaching with Sarah YouTube channel every Tuesday evening at 7pm. This is a live stream that offers info on a different topic each week. Be sure to subscribe and click notification bell once you are on the channel so you can be notified when new videos are uploaded and also when the Live Streams start!  Check out the playlist of videos from past weeks here.

Community Events in the Works!

Happy Children

Community Healing Clinics

Up and coming for the new year will be regularly scheduled Community Healing Clinics!

Please check back for more details as this comes together over the next month or so. I will be hosting a Community Clinic once a month as a regularly offered sessions bringing groups together either the second or 3rd Tuesday of the month. Full details will be available by January 2022 but I am hoping to offer these clinics at local Churches, libraries, public meeting areas or the like and teach Holistic Approaches to Healing that will support health, inspire new habits and offer a new mindset. 

Whenever possible these meetings will be offered in person and a Zoom meeting link will be available to those that remote attendance works best.

These clinics will be free will donation.

Have your group already gathered!?

I love sharing information especially to an audience that is eager to learn! If you have a group that is gathered and are looking for a speaker, please shoot me an email because I would love to connect.

Some of my favorite topics are "Understanding Inflammation", "Neck Pain and 5 Simple Ideas to Try at Home", "Unprocessed Trauma Manifesting into Dysfunction". I believe so passionately that as human being we are naturally healing machines being put the test in our un-naturally stressful world. Have a question or special area you would like to give attention to for that group or special event? I would love to develop that out and work with you to be sure it is as supportive and uplifting as can be!