Unchain your heart!
Let's talk about unlocking that thing and breaking down the "Heart Wall"

So #1 ~ Happy Valentine's Day!

and #2 ~ I understand that it might not be a fun day for everyone

Many people are financially strained, dealing with loss, struggling to just find love  for themselves... Valentine's Day may tug on the wrong heart strings and make things feel like they are wadding into a knot or maybe just plain falling apart.

Well if that is the case, I have time in my schedule just for you!!

I would love to connect and clear some energy around the heart!

Yes Please ~ let's make a date to visit over a Zoom call and have some tea together and chat. 

Oh yeah... did I mention this is free? Yep, It's free! 

You and me ~ 30 minutes ~ Leaning in and finding some light


Check this out:

There's a lot that goes into matters of the heart and how that energy flows through us, out of us and into what we desire, creates self worth, powers the heart chakra and it can also get really creative and protect you with thing called a "heart wall". Many people have this heart wall effect from imbalanced flow of heat energy. Dr. Brad Nelson coined this phrase to help describe the protective instinct of our subconscious mind has over this precious organ. 

Here's an article by Dr. Nelson that talks about his Heart Wall Concept more:


I trained several years ago with Dr. Nelson to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner which was such a great experience to help connect my love for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Yoga, Massage, Fascial Intelligence, Intuitive Healing, Feng Shui, and Holistic Healing... yes.. it brought all those things together and probably more!

I would love to share my knowledge and during our time together answer these questions for you as well as any other you might have:

~ Do you have a Heart Wall?

~ What are some Trapped Emotions contributing to the Heart Wall

~ Do these Trapped Emotions reflect into Meridians (think acupuncture points) or other area of TCM?

~ Is your heart Chakra nourished ?

~ How does your subconscious mind rate your self-love, self-worth and self-honor?

Do you have any other questions to add to this? Just let me know because our time together is for you and about you and is geared to align you into hope and inspiration!

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Thank you so much! 

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Love and Happiness
Vasculature of the Heart