The One to One Connection

Working from Home

So you have checked out the website and hopefully, some excitement is brewing... THAT'S CALLED HOPE!

Please JUMP IN!!
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There's lot's of helpful stuff out there ~ 

YouTube channel, Align With Sarah, has great resources. 

Social Media ~ FaceBook, Life Alignment With Sarah 
Instagram,  @SarahMissonLifeAlignment, has some clips of inspiration, great resources for small daily changes (that lead to big shifts!) and glimpses of my life on the farm.

This website has articles to read,
upcoming group events, and awesome, affordable resources...

but at the end of the day, it's still all up to you!

That's why you will always have the option to work one-on-one with me.

Programs are great, convenient, accessible,
but if you need more accountability, more clarity, more support... NOTHING beats the one-on-one connection!

When you implement healing and do the work to create change ~ That's what makes the difference!

So find the support you need to get there! 

Only you can heal you! Only YOU can heal you!

It is just like calling me up and saying you need bigger biceps. We could create workouts, outline stretches, take measurements, evaluate food but only you can build those muscles!

If you are looking for resources to build your optimal healing environment....


If you are looking for clarity on what belief systems are in your way of success...


If you are willing to release the trauma that is holding you back from living...


If you are willing to change what you are doing so you can change the cycle of getting what you are getting...


If you are looking for the perfect place to start your journey today...

You are here ~ This is it!
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Working One-on-One 

What does this looking like? 

Working together in individual personalized sessions happens over the phone or through video calls (Skype or Zoom).


A typical session lasts anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.


We set a goal during the first session, discuss resources for you to integrate into your daily routine to support your goals, as well as do kinesthetic testing to connect to the information stored in your subconscious mind.


This sounds like a lot but what it boils down to is asking your body for information on what is going on. The very beautiful thing about this work is that the questions are open and light and the information stays with you unless you want to share. Your subconscious mind makes connections with your conscious mind so that together they can recognize the energetic blockage or the emotional baggage... and you can let it go!


There is no need to relive the stress and struggle and pain in outlining details of the events.


You already remember that part in your conscious mind.


The subconscious mind is holding onto the trauma of those events and caring for them from the past into every moment since. This begins to feel heavy at some point especially when you may want something more ~ better relationships, a job that is a better fit, financial success... but the same old struggle keeps showing up.


This is what you need to connect to ~ what is that story? Recognize it, Release it and Reset it into a new one!!


The techniques you will learn are things like breathing techniques, tapping routines to reset thinking, mediation time, or even worksheets if that's a good fit for you.


In subsequent sessions, you will connect to practicing the new role you want to play in the power of your health, awesome job, supportive relationships, and integrate more tools to recognize opportunities, receive those awesome experiences and accept them as something you deserve!


The support is best received in regular sessions so below you will see the bundles of sessions and the length of time they can be used.


Sessions Expire so be sure to purchase the bundle that works best for you in the time frame you choose.  

Let's connect and see what would work best for you! Email ~

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