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Aligning Perceptions

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Is it open or closed? How in the world can those two things get confused, you might wonder... well this was the lesson that took years to unfold and recently bloomed to become this month's reflection.


This month we're talking about perspective, and this lesson builds off of last month's focus on listening. Part of the listening process is recognizing what you're listening to. Much of the content that we focused on last month involved the subconscious mind and listening to what that was filtering. Now we have a new skill to focus on and build! This is realizing our perspective. The lesson in life that brought me here to this new piece of wellness is my family's experience with our shower curtain. I should say this was the first lesson in life these last few weeks because, as usual, once this was tuned in as my focus, I began to notice how perspective is important in other places.

So the shower curtain! This has been an ongoing struggle with my family for years and just recently I am thankful to connect to what the actual problem was. The perspective finally came to light. It is my belief system that that shower curtain needs to be opened up so that it can dry out in between uses. So my constant complaint to my kids was ~ why the shower curtain was always closed when I go up there for my shower. Please keep in mind this has been going on for years, just want to say that again! So about 2 weeks ago I could hear my daughter finishing up in the bathroom after her shower while I was working on the wood stove. I was sitting just at the bottom of the steps and the bathroom with the shower is just at the top of the steps. I could hear her chatting away to herself then I hear her say don't forget to open the shower curtain for Mama... magically I hear the shower curtain rings slide across the rod and I feel euphoric! (Simple things make my world go round!! Remember the reflection about the trash can in the kitchen!? Here's a link to that blog if you want to explore. Well, that sounded great to hear her remembering, to hear the rings on the rod, and feel like something has sunk in. Later that evening I headed up for my shower and lo and behold that shower curtain was closed up and pushed all the way over to the side! WHAT!?! I called her up and told her that I thought I heard her talking to herself and reminding herself to open the shower curtain AND I could have sworn that I heard her pull it open. And she looked at me confused and then she said it... Mama the shower curtain IS open. We looked at each other for a long time, both of us with our foreheads and eyebrows scrunched up with confusion. My open was her closed. We each had our own perspective on what the focus was. To my kids, the shower curtain pulled over to one side, was then "open" for someone to step in and get a shower. To me, the shower curtain being pulled "open" meant it was spread across the curtain rod so it can dry. It never occurred to me that both my kids had a perspective on something that simple that was totally different than the perception I was keeping.

My open was their closed!

Now we are here at the end of the year and I'm wondering about the perspective that you may be keeping on this calendar event.

What comes to mind as your first thought, the old year ending or the New Year beginning?

What is the perspective you are keeping for this holiday season? Giving or receiving?

Can you notice at least three more things that your perspective can be guiding you in a direction that might be different than others?

As this year closes, I notice how much is different for me in December 2022 vs. the same time a year ago and two and even more years ago. Noticing, shifting, and listening to all the things that are not in my life has more of a hold on me than the experiences that are in my life now... maybe those two opposites, what's here and what is not here are just simply my personal perspective. What feels closed might be someone else's open. Either way, I'm aware my perspective comes from a place of healing and is focused on the voids but it can then shift into seeing the potential of the spaces left to fill. I'm in charge of filling them. And it can be with whatever I choose. You have probably heard me say over and over about the value of knowing where you are and honestly assessing that. Pulling in the concept of perspective helps add to the substance of that honest assessment and helps me find myself on my proverbial map of life. Once I know exactly where I am, my perspective can shift to ~ where do we go from here!?

The shower curtain taught me that even when I think I am clearly sharing my perspective and my goal, it is worth reconnecting with others that are part of my goal and making sure our perspectives and the details match up. Having the conversation is priceless! Those conversations are everywhere and I often speak of the symptoms of the body (or of life) as the beginnings of conversations. Making sure your mind, body, and spirit are all carrying on with the same perspective is key to gaining on and finding success with wellness goals. If you feel you need support in understanding those conversations or need support changing the perspective you are noticing in your subconscious mind, please reach out to connect to see how Restorative Healing can help!

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season full of lovely moments with your loved ones!

Sending you much love and of course endless gratitude!

~ Sarah

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