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Looking Into Darkness with Light!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

This is taken directly from the December Newsletter that is put out on the first of each month by the healing hands and heart of Sarah Misson! Information at the bottom of the blog about signing up for this free emial newsletter.

1st News 1st

December's Reflection

Something new and hopefully fun for this month!

I am sharing a story I wrote as part of the reflection process.

I hope you can snuggle down somewhere warm, enjoy and share.

That's what stories are made for!


Believe in Light! Find Light! Follow Light! Grow Light!

If I could snap my fingers and take my kids anywhere in the blink of an eye (or I guess a snap of the fingers) it would be Iceland! I look forward to the day that we go and I dream about the day that we have our own little place to live out there. That way coming or going will feel like we are arriving home no matter which direction we are traveling. However much I love it there, I am aware of one thing about Iceland that I can not deal with, the season of darkness. It is settling in over there with days that are slightly shorter than the ones we are experiencing now in the Northeast US. But here in NY we will turn the corner on the darkness in a few weeks and start adding time to our days… Iceland will not. They will continue into more and more dark until there is only dark. I could not handle that! I send thoughts of love & light to all those that are emersed in the experience of darkness.

So to send out the best vibration I can about finding the light, I worte a story!!


Once there was a lovely little girl. She was afraid of her closet. It was very dark in there. She only put things into the closet that she did not want anymore because it felt like the darkness could swallow them up and make them go away. The more that was dumped into the closet, the more she did not want to open the door. It was a “nothing” on the other side of the door. It was darkness, confusion, waste, so it was a "nothing". As sometimes happens, a grownup had come into her room with a mission for a big clean up day!

“What do you have in here?” was asked to the little girl while a finger pointed to the closet door.

“Nothing.” answered the little girl.

As the door was opened, so many of her memories poured out onto the floor, it made the girl gasp. The little girl looked curiously at all of the items and then the closet. “I guess there IS some stuff in there. But it's so dark. It’s so scary. I thought the darkness swallowed all these things up. It feels like the darkness will swallow me up.”

“Well, it has not swallowed any of these precious things up, my love. It seems to have been quietly holding them for you until you were ready to find them again. Let’s see what is in here. Let’s look at this darkness together and see what is waiting.”

“I can’t see anything.” The child said.

“Then we need more light. We cannot go on until we have enough light. Darkness is only ever chased away with light. What kind of light do you need, my love?”

The girl thought quietly for a moment then said

“I am glad you are here to look inside with me. You are brave. You seem to know about this. Somehow, your presence and bravery, it feels like “light” to me, and it is helping. I think I also need a flashlight... and I think I need to bring everything out here so I can use this light I already have, in my bedroom, to look through what’s in the closet. Can we bring everything out here?”

“That sounds like a great plan. Let’s get started.” A moment later, the loving face looked down at the girl shining her flashlight into the closet and said, “you know, my love, I once had a deep dark closet in my room! I needed grandma and grandpa to help me look in there. I even needed your aunts and uncles help for some of it.”

“You had scary closet!? It took all of them to sort it out!? But you seem so brave, why were you afraid of your closet?”

“Well, my love, I never looked inside! Once I did, I realized that I needed light. I found light. I looked in, then I found “brave”."


What is your darkness?

What “light” do you need to help you with your “darkness”?

How do you ask for that?

How can you more clearly ask for that?

What can you do right now to connect to "Light"? Here are some ideas to get you started: Call a friend, do some jumping jacks, get outside and take some full deep breaths, stand up, smile, watch a funny movie, tell jokes with your kids, play with your pet (even if it’s a fish! Do it!), drink a glass of water, play a game of cards with actual cards, play your favorite song and sing very loudly, dance wildly, make a snowball and then make another one… move, breath, laugh, talk, repeat!

Let me know any other ideas for connecting to that beautiful light shining so brightly inside of you & absolutely tell me what that light feels like when you connect to it! Make sure to ignite it everyday! The only thing that chases away darkness is light ~ the end.

As Always ~ Wishing you endless Love & Gratitude

~~ Sarah

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