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Are you ready to take a few moments of each day and look inward at what your body is trying so hard to tell you? In each struggle we experience, there is stored knowledge in our bodies. This guided journal will help set up the conversation your body and subconscious mind have been waiting to engage in! Find out what story your body has that is contributing to the chronic sore neck or low back pain, why is it so hard to stay in a relationship or to make money and keep in your wallet? All of it has a story and once you are connected to that story, you can take control of it. Turn the trauma into wisdom that moves you into better relationships that support your goals, ease of the body that energizes your days, clear mind that can focus and produce!


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It's what's inside that counts...

so let's talk a little about what's in those journal pages!

  • 7 Days and 7 layers of discovery!
    • New work every day
  • Gentle questions, gentle uncovering!
    • Profound changes can come with gentle work​
  • Recognize the story in any aspect of your life!​
    • Journal is set up, so you fill in the blank areas with what issue you wish to discover your background story about. Connect to anything from backache to relationship struggle.​
  • Use it as many times as you want!​
    • Because of the general setup, 7 Days to Recognize, Guided Journal can be used over and over. Choose one day or go through the whole 7-day cycle. Use it! Enjoy it! Connect and Recognize with it!​

7 Days to Recognize 

Just $17

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Other Programs for Further Guidance


6 Module Course, Self Study

Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list but never crossing anything out? Look a little closer at that long list and I am sure you will NOT see items outlining your own needs for self-love and nourishment. This self-study program is set up in 6 modules of learning that will explore individual areas and invite change in each. You gently learn how to insert time for your own spiritual growth and nourishment at a pace that is realistic, even for the busiest person. These areas create a more focused, energized, calmer version of you by attending to the psyche (subconscious mind) and revealing what underlying story is in there, rewriting that story so it is positive and uplifting, then mastering the mindset around instilling that story in all aspects of your life.
Please, get in touch today to start taking control of your life, sweeping away the to-do list and living with the benefits of the life-nourishing tools and techniques.

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6 Module Course with One On One Support

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. Almost without exception, starting a new direction in a journey will come with questions and with interruptions. Approaching this new experience with loving guidance to support, encourage and light the path adds momentum. This course includes all the aspects of the Mastering Your Mindset package with the addition of regular scheduled phone calls. These are personalized, one - on - one calls designed to support, guide and plan out your successes and best of all these are scheduled at your convenience! 
This course includes six, phone or video calls that will keep you motivated to engage with the module work and help fine tune the skills and the mindset.

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