Here are some projects that have come together and I am so proud to offer them as self-guided resources for you to grow with!

Let me know how these feel for you and what shifts they are helping you support. 

Daily Life Accomplished
Simple 2-Page Journal Set

Here is a simple (simple does not always mean easy) journal worksheet to help track you accomplishments! This is a great way to find motivation and can be a game changer to shift gears away from the overwhelming To-Do list as your only focus. Daily Life Accomplished includes a simple page with a weekly layout for tracking all of those tasks you have embraced and completed. This is part of my journey for healing and when this practice began for me, I included things like: ~ out of pj's before 7:30am

~ 8oz of water before morning coffee

These don't have to be tasks that move mountains, just accomplishments under your belt for the day. You can start anywhere, with anything, and learn to celebrate small wins and let them grow into motivation for a routine and more successes! Thanks for checking out this simple reusable 2 page journal worksheet set.


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7 Days to Recognize:
Guided Journal to
Dis-covering Layers of Emotions and Underlying Causes of Pain

This journal helps you explore any "pain" that that has your attention and you may feel as some part of your life. This can be chronic pain physically felt in the body, like low back pain, headache, irritable bowl or a painful financial struggle or even stress of a painful relationship. This guided journal walks you through a 7 day cycle of exercises that unfold the experience of the pain and help you connect to the underlying causes of the pain, the story of when it started, and other pieces that will help you understand what the pain might be trying to communicate with you. The body is always trying to find homeostasis, noticing what needs to heal, and beginning a conversation to try to get your attention. This journal honors that and is waiting for you to support your healing journey. 

Just $19 for this digital resource!

Image by Artur Matosyan

7 Days to Recognize Testimonial:

This journal is full of insight! I have never thought about the story that went with my neck pain, but now I see people that are a "pain in my neck", how much I use that phrase to describe my frustration. The more I noticed and listed to the pattern the less my neck hurt! Just an amazing experience

~ J.C.