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Formally called Emotion Code Healing and Mini Coaching Sessions, this has now settled into the magic of a Restorative Healing Session. These are calls completed with Zoom (video call) or a telephone call. Some clients prefer to quietly lay down or meditate while receiving the work and it does work well to receive in this state. In these cases, we will have a quick chat on the phone and then move into the work on or off the call.  Then a check-in after the work. Each call includes 20-30 minutes of work and the total call time will be around 45 minutes.

5 Session Restorative Healing

5 sessions | one-on-one 45-minute individualized sessions |

Do you already have a focus on your healing or wellness goals? Would you like to focus on general wellness or other broad objectives? Is there a list of issues that have your attention?

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This is bundle offers the most flexibility and is a great option for those just starting out as well as returning clients. Each session's intention is guided by you and the needs that come up between sessions. This package of 5, One to One Restorative Healing Sessions can be booked anytime over 5 months. Release chronic pain, calm anxiety, find more restful sleep, improve financial flow, find and grow self-love, self-worth & self-honor, establish focus, and empower your healing!

This 5 Session Bundle for Restorative Healing support is valued at $499. Email me for a purchase invoice or check out the Purchase link below

Sessions expire 5 months after the purchase date.

Heart Wall Package

3 sessions | 3 weeks  | One-on-One Work |  45-minute personalized sessions | 

Are you struggling to establish or keep a loving relationship? Do you continually feel lonely, sad, or isolated even when you are with others? Do you feel threatened by attention or affection? Have you had an emotionally painful experience in the past? Maybe you even have a feeling of heaviness in your chest or upper body? 

Stone Wall

If you said yes to any of these questions (or all of them) it is likely that you have a Heat Wall and this package of  3 One to One sessions will focus on removing it! The Heart-Wall your subconscious mind has decided it needs to protect you is a set of belief systems that encase your precious heart (and your love) from further harm. This Heart Wall concept is also a mental block that prevents you from establishing loving relationships, creates dissonance for self-love, and can keep you from expressing love the way you intend. Imagine trying to communicate through a brick wall to tell someone you love them or simply that you don't feel loved. The message will most likely not get through and if it does, it will be distorted and difficult to understand.  Read more about Heart Wall in the Trauma Blog Post to learn more about this!  The Walls are built from specific materials and have a size and shape unique to each of us. For every Wall though, once the Wall is down ~ it is gone!  This work is life-changing and fortunately, it does not take a lifetime to remove. Usually, these can be removed in 2 or 3 sessions. If we need more time to work with your Heart Wall after 3 sessions are complete, we will keep working until it is gone. If we remove the Wall in 1 or 2 sessions, you have the remaining time to work on whatever feels good. The Heart-Wall Package is meant to be used for weekly appointments (or closer in duration) so these sessions expire 30 days after purchase. If we are still working after 30 days, of course, we will continue the regularly scheduled appointments. 

This 3-session bundle for the Heart Wall removal is valued at $249. One purchase per client. Email me for a purchase invoice or check out the  Purchase link below.


Pets & Loved Ones

3 sessions | one-on-one 45-minute individualized sessions | 

Are you a parent looking for a natural supportive treatment to supplement care for your child's chronic pain, anxiety, sleep disturbance (including excess sleep), allergies, or attention? 

Maybe you are a caregiver and are looking for alternative healing options for a loved one in your care.

Do you have a pet that is struggling with illness or allergies, or are you dealing with disruptive behavioral problems (barking, aggression, excess fear, separation anxiety)?

Restorative Healing is received by any body, however, I can only access a connection when I am invited in. Pets and children, as well as others that are in the care of a guardian (elderly parent, persons with a disability, etc.), do not have the ability to reach out to schedule their own sessions. For these situations, it is possible for the parent or caregiver to set up sessions for these other individuals. I have worked on horses, dogs, cats, chickens, cows, parakeets, precious life in utero, infants through teens as well as disabled children & adults that have healing results to their chronic pain, indigestion, separation anxiety, skin infections and more. Children, pets and the disabled often have rapid results because they do not typically have the overshadowing doubt or resistance to this work that others might have. I typically do this work without a phone/zoom call but we can also do this work with one. The caregiver would be on the call with me and we would be working on the pet or the loved one. They do not need to be in the room with you. 

This 3 session3-session bundle for Pets or Loved Ones is valued at $199. Thank you for the care you offer! Email me for a purchase invoice or check out the Purchase link below.

Sessions in this bundle expire 30 days after purchase.

Full Circle Systems Assessment

1 session | one-on-one 90-minute individualized session |

Permission to look inward with guidance and love!  In this in-depth session, we will review the systems of your body ~ physical and energetic ~ using distance kinesthetic muscle testing to get an overview of where your body is feeling strong, where it might need support, and anything in between. This assessment of your body is done with information from your body (strong or weak muscles give yes or no answers to simple questions) and gives an overall guide to what might need your attention. This is not medical advice or a diagnosis of any kind but a look inside that will quantify how your body assesses the function of systems like your Immune System, Energy Systems, Spiritual Health, Heart-Wall presence, Organ Systems, general Toxicity, Misalignments in Tissues and nutrition and Lifestyle imbalances. This is such a great tool to support your journey toward a balanced, calmer & confident view of your health. 

This is an individual 60 to 90-minute call with One to One work and can be booked monthly, quarterly, or yearly to assess progress and find areas to focus on healing.

Full Circle Systems Assessment is valued at $149. Email me for a purchase link or check out the Purchase link below.


Stone Wall

3 Session Bundle of Restorative Healing Sessions to clear Heart Wall and enjoy giving and receiving love more freely!


Sessions expire 30 days after purchase or until Heart Wall is removed with regularly scheduled sessions.

Making Funny Face

Pets & Loved Ones

3 Session Bundle of Restorative Healing to be used on Pets or People that are in the care of a guardian or caregiver.


Sessions expire 30 days from the purchase date.


Heart Wall Package

Face Roller

Full Circle System


This Thorough One Session Assessment uses Restorative Healing to Assess the Systems of the Body to evaluate progress in Health or identify areas to direct focused Energy Work and Healing.


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5 Session Bundle

Restorative Healing

5 Session Bundle of Restorative Healing to be used to release trapped trauma, let go of emotional baggage and balance energy and systems of the body.


Sessions expire 5 months from the purchase date.

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