Let's walk together in this journey ~ find new footing ~ land somewhere new!

Restorative Healing

So much beautiful work comes together for these powerful healing sessions! Inside each of us is a healing machine. Restorative Healing help clients connect to that healing machine and get the gears churning and coming to life. Over the last 5 years of offering this distance healing it has relieved clients from chronic pain, calmed skin conditions, stimulated digestion, erased night terrors, contributed to fertility success, even curing a horse of  peralysis and reigning in clients 6 figure financial goals! Sounds wild but it is proven more and more the power our subconcious mind has over everything in our reality. If it believes strongly in an emotion, a bad day, a limiting belief... then that is the reality we will live. This effects our relationships, our financial situations, our health and our dreams. 

The work that comes togerhter during these sessions combines all the healing tools Sarah has gathered in the last 25 years. Modalities like Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Emotion Code Healing, Kinesthetic Testing (muscle testing), Emotional Freedom Technique, Mirror Work, the magic of Ho'Oponopono, Chakra Balancning and more. 

Warrior School

This is a new program coming out in Jan 2022!

The mission of Warrior School is to help survivors of trauma continue their journey through survivourship into becoming the Warrior that called them to action a long time ago. That Warrior is waiting!

What does it mean to you to be a Warrior?

What is the image that comes to mind?

What guidance would that Warrior give to you today? 5 years ago? 5 years from now?

This program is still in the developement stage. Please check back often to get updates on program details, enrollment opening amoung other things! Click below to get added to the email group that will receive updates in their inbox as soon as the details are finalized.  There will be an added link here as well to magically link you to the Warrior School page that is coming soon :)

Walking into the 
Warrior Way

This Program is a self guided journal that developed as the first group of Warriors make their way through the first session of  Warrior School. This includes an outline of the course, inspirational writing prompts, exploratory questions to evaluate your trauma experience, understand if you are ready to let go of it, what else is out there beyond the trauma experience, and guide to developing your brand new Self-Honor System that every Warrior has.