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Image by Sarah Brown

Restorative Healing with the Body Code

So much beautiful work comes together for these powerful healing sessions! Inside each of us is a healing machine. Restorative Healing help clients connect to that healing machine and get the gears churning and coming to life. Over the last 5 years of offering this distance healing, it has relieved clients from chronic pain, calmed skin conditions, stimulated digestion, erased night terrors, contributed to fertility success, even healing a horse suffering from shoulder paralysis, and reigned in clients' six-figure financial goals! Sounds wild but it is proven more and more the power our subconscious mind has over everything in our reality. If it believes strongly in emotion, a bad day, or a limiting belief... then that is the reality we will live. This affects our relationships, our financial situations, our health, and our dreams.  The work that comes together during these sessions combines all the healing tools Sarah has gathered in the last 25 years. Modalities like Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Emotion Code Healing, Kinesthetic Testing (muscle testing), Emotional Freedom Technique, Mirror Work, the magic of Ho'Oponopono, Chakra Balancing, and more. 

Rest healing

Individual Session

Restorative Healing

one-on-one | 45-60 minute session

Get to the root of chronic pain and reset limiting beliefs with Restorative Healing!

In-person session $95

Zoom/phone session $85 

Release chronic pain, calm anxiety, find more restful sleep, improve your financial flow, find and grow self-love, self-worth & self-honor, establish focus, and empower your healing!

Restorative Healing is now available as an in-office session or as distance healing (zoom or phone call). Sessions are also now available to purchase individually for easy, convenient, affordable additions to your regular wellness routine. Click the buttons below to purchase and schedule your session today. 


Full Circle Systems Assessment

one-on-one 90 minute session

Walk through all systems of the body and capture the energetic snapshot of which systems are functioning the best and which need the most support!

In-person session not available

Zoom/phone session $149

We will look at everything from Immune System function to the flow of energy through organs, Chakras (glands) alignment, evaluate Chi in 12 main meridians, check for toxicity, identify energetic imprints of pathogens, as well as pinpoint energy causing the misalignment of body tissue! This is a single session that will run though the full body scan and you will get feedback as we go through as well as a written summery of findings a day or two after the session. If you have supplements, vitamins, protein shakes, nutritional powders,  we can test your resonance (positive or negative connection) to them before we end the session. Work over the phone or a zoom meeting tends to go more quickly, and because this is longer session, only distance work is available for this service at this time. 

Individual Session

Chakra Balancing

60 minute session

Align the powerful central body houses of energy and emotion with a Chakra Balancing Session 

In-person session $95

Zoom/phone session $85 

Chakras are the energy powerhouses of the body helping to not only regulate our systems and organs but govern our emotions. When the Chakras are misaligned, unenergized, or holding onto limiting beliefs we can feel stuck and frustrated with aspects of our life or be consumed by an emotion like anger, guilt, shame, or anxiety to just name a few. Click the buttons below to purchase and book your Chakra Balancing session today for better energy-thought alignment, better body function, more energy, and to more clearly manifest your dreams!

Are you serious about your healing? Check out session packages and bundles! ->
how to clear energy in a room. 3 options: singing bowl, crystals and stones, sage bundle
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