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7-Day Journal Special Offer!

Growing, learning, unfolding... it's always better together! The 7-Day Journal is looking to do all of those things and the more people we gather together to support that, the more magical the outcome. So without further ado... here is the 7-Day Journal Project!

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Project Details

Discover answers to questions you have about your chronic pain with this Guided Journal. Why doesn't "anything" help? Why is it in the area it is? Why doesn't medical imaging testing show anything? The short answer: Our bodily tissue is intellegnet and expressive of emotion, especially trapped emotions and trauma.​

Let's explore this together with this 7 Days to Recognize Project!

What you get with this:

  • The 22-page journal to download

  • link to the webpage with videos for guidance for the daily work

  • access to the group Zoom call happening Wednesday, May 17th at 5 pm

  • a booking link to schedule your one-on-one, Restorative Healing session anytime over the next 30 days

  • The revised version of the 7 Days to Recognize Journal as soon as it is available

  • support and motivation of a group

  • direct access to me for support whenever you need it

  • a safe community to share your successes and your struggles

  • awesome tool for understanding your body in a new way

  • much, much more! 

This project is open until May 31st and the last day to enroll is May 25th!

Are you ready to RECOGNIZE?!

All this awesome is waiting for your awesome!
Connect now with this project for 
just $99!!

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