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“Thank you Sarah! You helped me get to this place I am at! I am ready for this next life adventure!"

~ Kristin

Restorative Healing Client 

It was not just a coincidence that after 8 years of minimal social media contact that I accidently text Sarah. The universe had other plans for me, Sarah was the cure to the recent hard times I was experiencing. The past year and a half I have experienced loss, medical issues, and sadness. These items were all manifesting into a plateau of emotions. Sarah and I began talking and it finally dawned on me that she had hit the head on the nail with her energy work. My body, mind and the universe were telling me to pay attention to myself. Sarah reminded me that it is ok to do that, that I do not always have to be strong for everyone else.

Sarah and I had a complete session on the phone that led to an amazing release of trapped emotions and energy. Without having any prior knowledge of my struggles, Sarah was able to follow my energy to where I was bound up and tell me where I was experiencing unbalance in my body. Once I acknowledge the information and allowed it to release, I felt as if a huge weight was lifted. I was not able to name the feelings or the emotions that I was feeling, the session rendered me speechless. I felt relief and a sense of comfort that has been missing for some time, When I woke today, I still felt the comfort and sense of relaxation. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone that needs this type of work. I am so glad that fate has brought us together.

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Opened up doors in my mind and new direction of thinking

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We indulged in a couple's massage last week and want to give a huge shout-out to Hannah and Sarah at Shear Paradise for an amazing experience. Owego has needed a spa like this for a long time

~ Jaime

Shear Paradise Spa

I began seeing Sarah for massage in 2021 after relocating to the Binghamton area. She creates such a sacred space for her clients; listening intently, setting intentions, caring for their bodies and souls. I have also loved learning more about Sarah's work beyond massage. I have purchased a number of her printable materials, integrating them into my own wellness practices. The recently updated "7 Days to Recognize" is a particular favorite. I also love her "1st Things 1st" monthly newsletter, from which I have drawn inspiration and (many!) books for my reading lists. I cannot recommend Sarah enough; she has been such a gift in my life.

~ Jacqueline M.

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Our Clients Feedback

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A little slice of Heaven in Owego. Beautifully remodeled inside to create a little oasis. Everyone there was friendly and created a super relaxing environment. The hottub and steam room are a great way to relax before and after your massage. The massage therapist did an outstanding job. Take the time to stop in and get just about any service you would need to have a relaxing day. 

                                                                   ~ Matt S.

Deep tissue neck massage is heaven on earth!!

~ J.S
neck massage

"I was introduced to Sarah, thanks to the Veterans Administration healthcare and Sarah's passion to work with veterans. Sarah has worked with me to alleviate chronic, targeted lower back issues. Her experience, knowledge and techniques have allowed my back to feel better than it has in a long time and I recommend her to anyone looking for relief from muscular pain." 


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